Other than the exterior styling, one of the first things about the new '05 Mustang that made me want one is the silver dash that reminded me so much of the ones on my 1967s. In 1967 Ford made the stock dash black "camera case" and the deluxe interior had the brushed aluminum, very similar to today only by 2005 they had renamed the low-end dash to deluxe and the upgraded one was now called "premium". The premium dash only lists for $200 something on the window sticker, but it is only available as part of the entire premium package that adds side airbags and gauges with 5,000 colors and multi-adjustable headrests and many other trivial things (plus many pounds) I decided to save the two grand and settle for the deluxe interior.

To the rescue, there's a company called "Woodview" out there which makes kits for adding all kinds of simulated surfaces to dozens (maybe hundreds) of cars. As their name implies, they specialize in adding wood grain dashed to pickups and imports, but they also have carbon fiber, nickel and...BRUSHED ALUMINUM. Plus they have kits for the 05 Mustang. I jumped on one, they are the only manufacturer who makes a kit that adds to the upper dashboard that I ws able to find. I found numerous kits from other companies that add to the other surfaces. Some of these go so far as to make the entire front of the interior silver, a bit too far for my taste as in this picture:

I chose to not install all of the bits that were in my kit, here's a link to a PDF of the layout of the kit I purchased:


Anyhow, below are some before and after pictures of the install, it took me less than an hour to do this and the difficulty was a 1 out of 5. I have 6 or 7 pieces left over from the kit, I may decide to install the parts on the door and console, but I will NOT install the part on top of the stereo.

Here's the factory "deluxe" interior, shot with flash and open door.

A closer picture also with flash.

Same shot without flash.

New dash pieces installed, close-up with flash.

Same shot without flash.

Open door without flash.

Open door with flash.