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The transmission tunnel, best shot of the windsor-Fox AOD bracket installed.

New brakelines are installed prior to the transmission going in.

The transmission installed. It is bolted to the crossmember in the back, but the front is hanging from a coat-hangar wire.

That cross member will be coming out soon, I left it in there for bracing during the install.

A 28oz balance AOD flexplate, also from Windsor-Fox.

The engine, lifted from the stand it stood on for quite some time.

Just the other side.

And one of the front. The engine will never be so visible again, figured I'd take a few.

There she is on the picker.

Moved into place, I removed the driver's front wheel for maneuverability.

Ready to be guided home.

Sitting on the engine mounts, with the crane removed.

I just like this picture, I have it in 1600X1200 for wallpaper :-)