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This page details the installation of my 9-inch axle, the 12.2 inch Wilwood brakes and illustrates the traction bars.

I had my Vintage 1968 9-inch rear housing soda blasted and powder coated, and the gear housing was painted with aluminum. You can see another large-bearing 9-inch in the background. If anyone needs a large bearing 9-inch housing for any extreme-power application let me know.

Inside is a set of Ford Motorsport 3.89 gears and a soft-locker, the ring and pinion were blueprinted by Jeff Bordelon (A local legend in these matters).

The Axles are 31-spline units from Superior, the bearings are from the local Advanced Auto Parts, the studs are brand new.

I recommend you leave the rear shackles disconnected when you put a 9-inch rear end into position. Even without axles inside the housing or any brake hardware these are quite heavy. One it is in place you can attach the springs to the shackles. This way when you jack the axle housing up it is stabilized by the springs rather than wobbling on the jack, YMMV of course.

You can see the traction bars and how they are affixed in this picture and the one above. These are not adjusted yet, as all adjustments must be made with the car on its feet.

Here are the axles installed into the housings, minus any brake hardware.

Once they were seated into the differential the axles needed a little "coaxing" via the large hammer you can see in the lower right.

Here is the caliper bracket from Wilwood, it acts as a bearing retainer, but the instructions said to keep the factory ones as well.

A closer shot of the caliper bracket, slightly out of focus.

The two piece rotor assembly sitting on the studs.

The caliper attached as well as my wheel spacer.

The assembled passenger side brake, you can see the wheel is on the driver's side already.

I've got to clean the logo up a bit, but you can see the new brakes. These are 12.19 inch rotors on a 17X8 FoMoCo rim.