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here's a shot of the original style underlayment, this stuff is asphalt impregnated tar paper and quite heavy. The single piece that went in the back pans weighed much more than both 4X6 rolls of Wondermat.

I completely covered the back seat areas with Wondermat, it was turned over to be shiny side down for final install.

Detail of the back seat bracket cut through, also the ridge line on the right..

If you are curious, this is the shape I cut each side into. This will cover front and rear pans plus the seat perch on the driver side.

Again, I turned the back seat bit over to be shiny side down, but here you can see how the Wondermat fits in with my tailoring.

I extended the Wondermat up to the point where it will be covered by the factory firewall deadener.

here's a shot of the factory firewall deadener, that small sheet weighs more than a single roll of Wondermat. I thought long and hard about all the weight I was adding to my car but this will be a recreational cruiser much more often than it will be a drag racer so I went ahead and put it all in.

Carpet laid on and back seat is in. You can get an idea of my problem with the passenger side panel, that rollbar is going to require some creativity, any ideas?

I just sat one of the BMW seats in there to look at it, I still need to weld the stock seat tracks onto the frames of these seats.