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MOL @ CON2004

Well, first of all, I was the only representative of my squad that made it this year. So this page is already mis-titled but I'll keep the format and post my con pics here anyway. I can send you high resolution versions of these if you want.



From left to right: JB35,  Hitech, MrsJB35, Keebler, Sour, unknown, JB73, 3four5, Gunns, JB42 (by the way, I counted 28 beer bottles in this picture).

The poster signed by most of the attendees.

The 2v2 ladder posted for personal gratification.

Sudz. Seems he got bored playing with his plane. He's really lucky that some thoughtful soul had hidden the sharpies by this time.


The hospitality suite (thank you Rogue Gryphons!)

Slapshot, JB42, Icer, and JB73; discussing god know what.

JB42 making some sort of point to Icer. Slapshot seems amused and JB73 seems skeptical.

AKNimitz making a high speed pass on the bartender, she seems amused too.

Moon, I only get to see her once a year, sniff.

Llama taking a picture of someone taking his picture...hmmm....seemed more interesting with a dozen beers in the belly.

Seraphim thought so too but the dozen beers were making the camera hard to operate.

Left to right: unknown, Tigr, Max, and Mouse.

Rogue, Ebgb, and Gunns. Discussing the bouquet of the mead most likely, ask JB73 what happens when you drink 11 cups of it.

Cavanaugh Museum:

The bus ride. Those seats were pretty noisy for so early on a Saturday morning, of course Airscrew (center-rear) gave 'em a run for their money.

An armed Polish trainer.

Closeup of same.

F86 gun ports.

A Merlin engined Bf109 bought from Spain and painted like Galland's 109E.

They called this a D, but some of us thought it might be newer.

One of the few He111s around. Also bought from Spain with the 'wrong' engines, of course a DB60x must be pretty hard to find.

An F4U undergoing extensive maintenace.

The business end of a Mig15.

The world's cleanest B25.