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I have read and been told that the factory 3/8 line will not support over 400fwhp in a car with a mechanical pump and a carb, I don't claim to know that is true but it made sense. So I ran a 1/2 inch aluminum hard line from the fuel tank to the front fender well. At that point I swapped to a braided stainless steel flex hose and used Earle's AN fittings throughout. I don't think I needed a 1/2-inch line, they are reputed to support 600+fwhp, but you never know when/if I'll add a blower and this way I wont have to do it over.

This is the connector that converts from the anodized aluminum hard line to the braided line. The old factory 3/8ths line is still hanging there.

This is the weak link in the routing of my fuel line, it is the lowest point and the most exposed. I considered routing it in the factory location on the other side of the sub-frame but you can see the U-turn in the factory line which would have been impossible in the thicker line and it also would have exposed my fuel to some serious heat from the headers which are a few inches away. I think this will be fine but I hope I don't live to regret it.

A nice smooth bend from the outside of the front sub-frame to the inside of the sub-frame-connector where it is also attached by heavy duty nylon zip-ties.

The line travels down the SFC where it bends back up in almost the exact location as the factory line. You can just make out the blue line back behind the differential where it meets the fuel tank. Those exhaust pipes are NOT in the correct position, the entire exhaust from the collectors back is just a temporary rig so I wont go deaf in the garage when I start her up (or have the neighbors call the police...LOL).