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This field is called Geode, it is fairly open yet the bunkers are close together which allows for easy advances.

Starting the game, go go go!

You can only see three of them but this is the 5 man team I went up against alone. The refs divided the teams up and gave me three young kids who all stayed hiding in the back of our end. Oh well, call that a target rich environment!

These two young kids are all that is left of their original 5 man team. Notice that large tree to the right? I was positioning it in between them and myself so that I could...

...run up behind it and panic them into surrendering. Hehehehe!

A different field showing large open areas, tough to advance on this one.

But Judd goes for it anyway. The guy he is charging up on was out of paint but Judd was out of time.

Me, out of the game. Angel fire is deadly!

Yet another field, with quite a bit of cover.

It was getting quite warm. 85 degrees on March 31.

Al's brother goggled in game one, better go get some windex!

Head shots hurt.

Me, hit again. This time without ever firing a shot. Hate it when that happens!

Sticking your neck out!

Judd covers his brother Todd.

Me firing at Judd.

Me sneaking up along a flank.

Doing the same at the same spot but from the other side on a previous game.

Point blank trench warfare! Some of those trenches are 6 to 8 feet deep.

Randall advancing.

Randall hiding.

Randall goggled.

That girl in the center was pinned unmercifully.

I was trying to cover her.

Close range urban warfare, here I am dueling with another Angel. Man I hate those guns!

Planning our attack.

I surrendered three guys in this picture. You can see one pair of hands going up from behind the triangle bunker. Another guy is falling backwards right in front of me, you should have seen his eyes. The third was also on the ground back there out of view. This is why I love flanking attacks.

Me reloading.

They are out there. Can you see them?

Another view of the trenches.