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The new floors, drivers rear, cleaned up a little bit but basically just like they were when I picked it up at "Don's Classic Cars" in Austin Texas.

The passenger front, my firewall area was in excellent condition so these new ones don't go up too far.

Passenger rear, note the welded in rollbar.

Drivers rear after second application of "Metal Ready".

The only rust left on the car, note the pinholes, this is about to receive special attention from the POR-15.

Wet paint!

that yellowish blur in the bottom right is a reflection of the lamp I was using not some sort of bleed through. testimony to just how shiny the stuff is.

I went as far up the firewall as i could reach with the brush.

This is dried and taken without a flash, notice the pinholes in the back are sealed up.

Ready to have the plugs installed.

Wont get much UV in here.

Next comes the carpet underlayment.