On Christmas morning I wrecked my FX4 during a freak snowstorm in south Texas (!!!), only about 7 miles from the gulf of Mexico (there was 8-12 inches of accumulation).

The damage was not that severe, although the vehicle was disabled. Here's a few pictures I snapped that morning.

The wheel was both cracked AND bent. The lower control arm was buried in the snow, I assumed it was ripped to shreds since it is aluminum, that is a steering tie rod that was ripped out of the rack.

You can see the fender was trashed, the hood and headlight were not touched, nor was the bumper, the grille guard was 'tweaked' a little bit on the end, although the mirror was ripped off the door was also unscathed.

You can see the snow covered the lower 35-40% of the rear wheel, those are 70 series rubber on 18 inch rims too.

So, does that look like $32,000.00 in damage to you? Me either!

Geico totaled the truck 3 days later claiming frame damage even though both the upper and lower control arms were not broken off. I figure somebody in Mexico got a hell of a truck within the month. It all turned out okay, I got a new 05 Lariat for less than the payoff of the FX4, dealers are more willing to deal on December 31st it seems, and I thought that was just marketing :-)