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Trunk restoration and modification.

Refurbishing a trunk is pretty straightforward and simple, certainly unglamorous, but I was also going to mount various electrical system components so I needed to also modify the factory setup. I needed a panel of some sort to mount the fuse box and solenoid to.

Here's my trunk, good sheet metal, the factory replacement mat, all freshly sprayed with a rubberized undercoating.

Nice and shiny new fuel tank already installed.

I started by making a template for the back panel out of Styrofoam. It worked very well but I'd recommend a different material so you don't have so many little pills to vacuum up.

Using the Styrofoam template, I then cut out a sheet of fiberboard. This is the same stuff that pegboard is made out of, I just got the kind without the holes.

I also bought a sheet of outdoor carpeting from my local home improvement warehouse. This is the same stuff they put in boats. I cut the carpet out about four inches larger than my panel in all directions and attached it to the board using a staple gun.

Flipped over it looks like this.

The back panel, wedged in to position. Also the red-top Optima in its holder.

A close-up of the missing side panels. This part did not look bad until the back panel was in place, then it was apparent I needed to make some sides. I did the same thing; made Styrofoam mockups and cut out fiberboard then carpeted them.

Here is one sitting in its position. Note the large unsightly gap where the Painless kits wiring is coming from? 

The same problem exists on the passenger side with the battery + cable. I decided to hold all three panels in place with a small piece of aluminum diamond plate.

Here's a small "bracket" of diamond plate screwed into one of the side panels.

In order to have the battery cable and the fuse box bundle of wires come through the back panel I had to cut a large hole through the panel and cut an "X" through the carpeting.

The wires came through the carpeting rather cleanly

I screwed the solenoid into the panel close to the fuse box.

Then mounted the fuse box to the panel using the hardware provided by Painless Performance.

The whole thing looked pretty clean but really pointed out the uglieness of the factory mat. So I had to also put carpeting on the bottom of the trunk.

There, that's much nicer, don't you think? I also wrapped the carpeting up the insides of the tail light panel for addition sound deadening. For now it is held in that position by duct tape since I still need to mount the factory optional blackout panel for the rear/